What is the best time to visit Chatuchak Market?

Where can I get a sofa upholstered?

Where can I get a shirt copied in 48 hours?

Can you recommend a romantic rooftop setting, close to my hotel?

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Whether you’re in town on a quick business trip, a short stay while passing through or relocating to Bangkok on a foreign posting, we can help make your transition or holiday easier. It’s simple, there are no pages of links, no long explanations, just Ask your questions and we will do our best to answer them as fully as possible.

Why use us?

Ask Bangkok is a website uniquely created to help YOU enjoy your stay in Bangkok in an easy and uncomplicated way. It has been specifically designed to help you live and move around the city with ease. We don’t want you to waste unnecessary time going through out of date guide books or searching through dozens of different websites for information.

You want it? We find it!

We have an extensive database compiled by expatriates, long term foreign residents and a great group of ‘in the know’ Thai locals, all of whom are constantly searching through pages of local magazines for new exciting places for you to visit. We have an endless list of hip hotels or inexpensive lodgings, from local shoe designers to where to find the best burrito in town, you want it and we find it!!

Constantly updated

As the website is constantly in use and being updated, we pride ourselves in having the very latest information there is to offer. If we can’t find it, then it’s probably not there. Our queries cover the basic needs to the quite bizarre! We find places to get keys cut, shoes repaired, a stunning riverside setting for that all important romantic moment or a great head massage in the middle of Chatuchak weekend market.

Our Concept

Our idea was the brainchild of a group of guide weary expatriates who between them, had every book written about Bangkok, but still found the information wasn’t quite up to date. In a city where restaurants move location at the drop of a hat or that great bag shop expands to the second floor, we work hard on keeping things current, to make you aware of the latest news and trends.

Word of mouth recommendations

We appreciate how difficult it is to collate information and publish it in time. By the time books go to print, telephone numbers have changed and what was a jewellery shop is now a bistro. What we do takes days of continually updating our database based on recent information from local newspapers and magazines. Renowned chefs and bar managers keep us informed of the latest events and promotions, while we always welcome any ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

This is how it works

With all of this in mind, we decided to collaborate and make things easy…. Just Ask…..

You decide on how many questions you want to ask and pay for them directly through our Paypal link below. We guarantee to reply within 48 hours, unless it’s an emergency situation where we try to give immediate responses if time is appropriate.

How do I pay?

Just click on the link below which will forward you to our Paypal account. When the payment is complete, please email us at Ask@AskBkk.com and we will start searching, while you start packing! We will provide you with the address, the closest BTS Skytrain or subway station, and anything else we may know relating to your question. Ask your questions either prior to travelling or when you have arrived. If you’re happy with the answers, then we are here to help as you move around the city. So start planning and let us help you enjoy Bangkok.

Let us do the work for you…

Ask us now!
If you are unhappy with our response, please let us know and we will give you a full refund. Just a quickie, excuse the pun…..as this is Bangkok, we can’t find someone to make or break your heart so any questions of that nature, I’m sorry we can’t help you with.

Immediate Response

Send us an email and we will almost always reply in 24 hours. For complex queries, we will reply within 48 hours.

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Constantly Updated

We strive to keep our databases constantly updated on a daily basis, collating information from a number of sources

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Easy Payment

We use Paypal for quick, easy and secure payments.

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Email Response

Easy and convenient, just send us your questions by email to Ask@AskBkk.com and we will reply to them in 48 hours.

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