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  • Fabulous recommendations, the best $10 I've ever spent. Thank you guys.
    Roberta Paterson
  • Love all your recommendations - a real insider's view of the City of Angels. Used Ask Bkk during my recent trip - the recommendations were spot on and super helpful. Helped me make the most of my short stay! At $10, excellent value for money. Thanks!
    Pip Moran
  • I just sent a list of all the things I wanted to know but didn't have the time to find out for myself. They exceeded my expectations and were professional and genuinely nice people to deal with, thanks We highly recommend you!
    M. Tuffield - UK
  • came to my rescue when I had just arrived to live in Bangkok.  Overnight they informed me where to get drinking water delivered (and the process), where to get an extra key cut, find shoe polish and the best place to buy fresh fish! I can't thank them enough, expat life-savers!
    Linda Ford, Expat in Bangkok
  • Dear "Ask Bkk" , you are unique, fabulous and so accessible (so easy to send the question, so cheap!!!!) - I have one worry only: I got totally addicted :):):) - I have lived in many countries and it is first time I hear of such a useful and creative concept!!! kudos and wishing you great success!!!
    Amélie Yan-Gouiffès
  • AskBKK is a real friend, saves so much time looking at websites with no real idea of where things are located. They recommend areas to stay, what was close by, easiest routes to move around the city and I ended asking more questions when we arrived! Amazing service and great information, can't recommend them enough.
    Consuales B Niro - Costa Rica